aTypical – embrace the neurodiversity

Want to join? Contact me!

    Hi. I am a photographer who didn’t touch the camera for the last two years. 

    I need a dopamine boost and I got an idea – I want to make a project about neurodiverse women. Adhd, asd, whatever’s your story. With a short written or audio/video story. 

    Possibly have it exhibited somewhere in a nice place. No age or any other limits.

    You get to know me 🤣 and few pics- no money involved 🙂

    You can take part in choosing THE ONE for the exhibition (I reserve the final decision to myself tho) but I assure you they’ll be great.


    Come on, let’s do it – I want to see the real you 🙂 


    Google FORM for signing up 🙂


    I’m in Birmingham and as for now don’t drive, unless my bf is keen on going for a trip, but I plan on passing the license and travelling soon. For now it’s only West Mid.



    Facebook group for participants


    GoFundMe to help with travel costs etc